Printing pads

Silicone printing pads

We produce silicone pads for pad printing. Our studio may produce silicone pads for you in any shape, with adequately selected parameters: hardness, printing surface, type of silicone and shape.

This catalogue comprises over 100 pad models we are able to produce for you from the selected type of silicone of adequate hardness. Have a look at our offer.




What tampons should I choose?
Pad printing is an extremely efficient process of transferring images to various substrates. It is perfect for printing on paper, cardboard, textiles, and plastics. Pad printing is also well suited for processing difficult printing substrates, including glass and metal. Every pad printer requires the right selection of transfer pads to perform well. What models in Keller’s range are best for your production process? Contact us to get assistance in product selection.

Keller offers a range of extremely performance stable and durable transfer pads for precision printing on substrates at very high production rates. Our wide product range includes solutions for printing with different chemical processing parameters. Choosing the right tampon for your printing process specifications helps achieve better and more efficient printing results with reduced order lead times. Keller’s transfer pads are used every day in hundreds of printing houses across Poland. You too can join Keller’s satisfied customers.


Keller manufactures proprietary brand silicone transfer pads for pad printing. Keller’s Silicone Transfer Pad Laboratory can design and fabricate printing pads in all forms and with fine-tuned performance parameters, including hardness, printing area size, silicone grade type, and printing plate type. Keller’s transfer pads are sold to large industrial processors who output hundreds of thousands of workpieces. The production levels this high requires us to guarantee all stringent quality standards, and we deliver. If you still have not developed proprietary printing methods and recipes, you can order Keller’s solution deployment programs and Keller’s theoretical training sessions.

Examples of Keller’s printing pad applications:
- pharmaceutical pills and coated tablets
- syringes
- footwear and sole parts
- brake pads
- porcelain and glassware
- refrigerator storage trays
- pens

Silicone tampons for tampon printing on details
KELLER is a producer of the highest quality silicone pads for pad printing. Our products are made on the basis of the best rubber mixtures, based on the knowledge and experience we have gained during many years of practice in the field of silicone processing and the work of our silicone rubber laboratory.