IR tunnel heaters and dryers

Features of Keller IR tunnel heaters and dryers:

  • Thermal insulation for improved energy efficiency

  • Customized workpiece handling system: grids, designed per specific workpiece features and characteristics or pallet handling systems

  • Smooth conveyor speed control

  • Superior quality of temperature stability control

  • Temperature distribution system

  • Full control over heat exposure time and power output, all monitored by an alert and warning system

IR tunnel dryers for screen and pad printing

IR lamps can effectively cure ink and varnish on different substrate types. IR stands for infrared. IR radiation are a perfect choice for curing screen or pad printed workpieces; under the right conditions, this curing method is also preferred in offset printing.

Keller’s IR tunnel heaters are customized to the existing processing lines operated by the customers. Since Keller builds its printing machines, it can provide a heating and drying solution with the parameters fine-tuned to your processing specifications. Not only do we deliver the machines, but also their deployment. When you buy an IR tunnel dryer from Keller, you get full technical support with it.

All customers can benefit from our training in machine operation and the help of our technical assistance specialists. Keller carries IR tunnel dryers, UV tunnel dryers, and the DUAL models which combine the benefits of both radiation types. Our customers in this subrange include both small print shops and large industrial processors. Anyone can do business with us!