Screen printing squeegees and rubber fills

A squeegee rubber fill is a major component of a screen printing application unit. The squeegee rubber fill squeezes the ink through the apertures of the screen onto the substrate. The squeegee rubber fills come in different forms, hardness ratings and designs, depending on printing process specifics.

Superior screen printing squeegee rubber fills

Keller offers high-quality gumy raklowe squeegee rubber fills rakle sitodrukowe n a wide range of hardness levels. The rich subrange from Keller is your easy way to choose and buy screen printing squeegee rubber fills for your printers and jobs. Keller’s squeegee rubber fills ensure even distribution of ink across the screen and true rendition of the image on the substrate. These squeegee rubber fills are an excellent choice for Keller printers and other brands of printing machines.

The squeegee rubber fills are qualified by size, shape and type.

Size classes: Standard sizes

Shape classes: Vee, Classic

Design type classes: Solid rubber

Sandwich rubber