Pad printing technology

Pad printing is an indirect printing process that can transfer an image from a printing plate coated with ink that is moved by a silicone transfer pad to a three-dimensional substrate. A printing plate is a metal gravure designed and fabricated so that the transfer pad takes just the right amount of ink from it. It requires a careful selection of hardness and shape of the silicone transfer pad, a.k.a. the printing pad. Pad printing allows transferring images to substrates that are cylindrical, tapered, globular or irregular in form (e.g. the corners of trim strips). If you want to know more about pad printing, ask about a training session Keller can deliver at its headquarters. By providing a cycle of essential training modules, we support our recurring and prospective customers.

  • The pad printers manufactured at Keller are developed by Keller’s expert designers at the in-house Design Engineering Office

  • Keller also designs and installs electrical and automatic equipment solutions in its products.

  • A remote service access functionality available on Keller machines helps Keller automation engineers respond quickly to changing demands of customers.

  • Keller’s Manufacturing Plant in Dąbrówka near Poznań has all the tools and professionals to deliver just the pad printing solutions you need.

  • Keller’s Silicone Transfer Pad Laboratory can develop silicone pads in all forms and with the specifications required.

  • The pad printing solutions are designed throughout per customer’s detailed specifications and special demands.

  • Transfer speed and application precision are the greatest advantages of Keller pad printers.

  • Our machines feature components of superior quality (made by Festo, Mitsubishi and Siemens).

  • The HMIs of our machines are very intuitive.

  • Our pad printers are manufactured for various industry sectors, including household appliances, pharmaceutical and automotive.

Fast precision pad printers

Keller’s range of pad printing machines includes the TampoMaster I-table, a pad printer with a rigid plate design. The TampoMaster series achieves very high printing outputs: as much as 3300 workpiece cycles per hour are possible. The TampoMaster series models ensure a great operating comfort. They are also very fast, because all drives are electric only. The convenient HMI control panel helps adjust the image pickup and application positions.

The TampoMatic series includes models that can support 3500 memorized printing recipes applied in up to 2400 workpiece cycles per hour. Naturally, these models come with electrical servo-adjustable tables and can be perfectly synchronised with infeed and outfeed conveyors for extreme precision of continuous-flow, inline image application.

Keller also carries high-quality rotary pad printers for container twist cap profiles, tablets or coated pills. Contact us for a specific quotation or join a training seminar focused on specific printing technology machines.