Screens, meshes and lines

Keller carries a full range of printing screens from SAATI. Keller also fabricates finished printing screens on custom order.

You can order SAATI brans meshes for fast, precise and durable prints. Keller can adjust all product characteristics to your printing machines. Keller makes screen printing meshes in aluminium, steel or wooden frames. If you need corrosion resistance and small-size prints, aluminium is your best choice. Steel frames are budget solutions with ideal strength parameters. Wooden frames are light and perfect for mounting textiles.

1. Screen printing mesh

The screen printing mesh is the essential contributor to the finished print quality. Therefore it must feature good workmanship and performance parameters. The exact mesh selection is based on the following criteria:

  • Mesh aperture count: it is the number of mesh threads per centimetre. This parameter is crucial to passing the ink through the screen. The mesh aperture size varies with the number of threads per centimetre, and so does vary the mesh aperture count which directly affects the ink consumption and application performance.

  • Mesh thread diameter: this dimension is specified in microns. Smaller workpieces require a lower mesh thread diameter; however, the mesh strength is reduced with this parameter.

  • Mesh thickness: this parameter is controlled by mesh thread diameter, mesh size, and weave.

Screens are usually made of synthetic meshes (polyester or nylon). Steel meshes are also used for high-temperature printing processes which involve ceramic inks.

2. Screen printing frames

The frame is the outer envelope of the screen mesh and keeps the latter properly tensioned and rigid. Keller builds steel, aluminium and wooden frames, depending on customer’s project specifications.

Frame type



Aluminium frame

- Low weight
- Corrosion resistant
- Perfect for small and medium formats

- High cost
- Low acid resistance
- Wide sections

Steel frame

- High deadweight
- Very durable
- Low cost
- Good impact and bending strength

- Unwieldy for large formats
- Prone to corrosion

Wooden frame

- Low production cost
- Low weight
- Good mount for textiles

- Will warp under continuous exposure to water
- Short durability
- Max. format size: A0