Rotary pad printing

Continuous pad printing:

  • Extruded profiles and shapes

  • Pills

  • Coated tablets

  • Drops

  • Twist caps

  • Closures

All-round printing, or rotary printing, helps print 360 degrees around (the circumference) of elliptical workpieces. Keller provides printing machines with extremely high cycle timing for profitable pad transfer of print to very low value products. Keller machines can make attractive closure caps, lids or round containers for the pharmaceutical, food and automotive industries. Rotary pad printers are built on customer order and per the specification of the target production lines.

Everyone who chooses a Keller printing machine is covered with professional deployment at their plant. Our design engineers, automation engineers and assemblers will help you complete the required commissioning and integration tasks. Keller means superior quality of 360-degrees printing.

Pad printing on round workpieces.