Pad printing plates & clichés

Superior pad printing plates

Keller’s pad printing plates provide superior strength. A wide selection in this product subrange will help you choose the plates best suited for your printing process. Keller’s pad printing plates are a perfect match for our machines and other brands on the market.

If you want to get the best printing plates for your job, consult Keller’s specialists. We will be happy to help you.

Keller’s range of pad printing plates and clichés:

  • FROIDEVAUX ECOPRINT series light-sensitive steel printing plates, Ra 0.3, double-sided; FROIDEVAUX RECOPRINT series, Ra 0.1. 0.3 mm thick clichés are available on order.

  • NYLOPRINT alcohol-leached printing plates.

  • 10 mm thick steel image made of a 12-percent chromium steel grade for extremely precise shallow etching.

  • 100 mm diameter rotary pad printing drums with handling and storage accessories.

Keller manufactures steel printing plates 0.5 mm thick and up to 500×1200 mm in size.

Pad printing cliché production process:

  • Image preparation, including copying from non-standard geometrical features and image processing

  • Cliché development

  • Printing plate production

Keller guarantees the highest image pattern repeatability with chemically etched light-sensitive printing plates.