In pad printing technology one of the major elements affecting the total process is the printing plate, also called printing cliché. Proper selection of a plate for the printed surface is extremely important for arriving at the required effects. In our offer, you will find a broad range of the highest quality pad printing plates, including steel, polymer, laser or rotary plates (rollers). The printing plates we offer are universal and may be used in Keller produced machines but also all other models of printing machines available on the market. The plates we make are ideal for printing on various types of surfaces, such as plastics, glass or metal.

Best pad printing plates

In the pad printing technology there are many components and stages of printing, however, the most important ones comprise printing plates responsible for the final form of the print, which is translated into customer satisfaction. Therefore, plates should reflect high production quality, guaranteeing achievement of the best and highest quality printing effects. The printing plates we offer are ideal for printing on various types of surfaces, such as plastics, glass, metal or wood. Moreover, gilding plates are ideal to enrich printing.

It is important to select and use only proven and renowned printing plates, originating from the best plate producers, in order to ensure adequate printing level and astonishing final effect, which guarantees customer satisfaction.

Keller is a producer of pad printing plates of the highest strength, made of high‑quality components by the best specialists with extensive experience in printing. We offer durable, high‑quality printing plates which will work ideally in any printing plant.

A broad assortment of the printing plates we offer will help you choose ones that best fit the tasks of your printing shop. As one of the best plate producers on the market, we offer only the best quality products which will surely fulfil even the highest requirements. They will be perfect for each printing press or shop, aiding the achievement of the assumed goals and objectives. The pad printing plates we offer are universal and work perfectly with Keller produced machines but also all other models of printing machines available on the Polish and European market. Thanks to our experience, the group of satisfied printing customers has been growing from year to year. Moreover, as one of the best plate producers, we have been striving to improve our techniques and create even better products, continuously developing and caring for our customers.

Of crucial importance, especially in pad printing, is the selection of appropriate consumables, including printing plates. The printing effect is dependent on consumables and the task must be approached in a considerate manner. Have you been thinking about the type of a pad printing plate to choose in order to best fit your expectations but you are not sure which product is appropriate, please do not hesitate to contact our specialists. We will gladly dispel your doubts and select the best printing plates for your company. We will do everything to meet your expectations and needs.

In our assortment, you will also find the highest quality gilding plates. As an experienced plate producer, we provide precise manufacturing, which guarantees perfect, beautiful and durable gilding on print. Print refinement with our printing plates will surely satisfy each customer, as they will arrive at unforgettable effects.

We offer the following printing and pad printing plates and clichés. Highest quality printing plates – steel pad printing photosensitive plates of the renowned and experienced Swiss company of FROIDEVAUX; ECOPRINT series, with Ra 0.3 parameter, double sided, and RECOPRINT series, with Ra 0.1 parameter. At customer request there are also available 0.3 mm thick plates. The plates combine reliability and highest quality, thanks to which they are very durable and robust.

Durable and precise plates made of NYLOPRINT plastic. They are washed with alcohol, which ensures the highest level of prints.

Perfect steel plates 10 mm thick, made of steel with 12% chromium. The printing plates are intended for precise, shallow etched designs.

We also offer printing cylinders for rotary pad printing of 100 mm diameter, complete with all accessories for transport and storage.

At customer request we also make robust and durable steel plates 0.5 mm thick, with the maximum size of 500 x 1,200 mm. With regard to the specific nature of printing plates, we approach each order individually, caring for the needs of our customers and the best results of their work.

Best printing plates

We also offer production of the highest quality plates, availing of experienced specialists and using the best production facilities. Pad printing plates production comprises our preparing of the graphic art, which also includes copying of an image with atypical shapes, as well as film and plate preparing.

In using photosensitive, chemically etched plates, we may guarantee the best image repeatability. We apply all efforts to fulfil all the requirements of our customers.

Have a look at our broad assortment of printing plates and contact us!

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