Screen printing technology:

Screen printing is a technology whereby a mesh, or screen (thereby the name) is used to transfer ink onto a substrate by squeezing it through the mesh apertures. A photosensitive emulsion is applied to the mesh surface, exposed, developed and set in areas that are to be precisely blank on the substrate, whereas the screen surface free of this impermeable emulsion leaves the printed pattern on the substrate. Keller has been manufacturing and deploying industrial screen printers for several years. Their applications are very versatile, and include the household appliance, pharmaceutical and automotive industries. If you want to know more about screen printing, ask about a training session Keller can deliver at its headquarters. By providing a cycle of essential training modules, we support our recurring and prospective customers.

  • Keller carries screen printers for flat and all-round printing, and printing on tapered or irregular substrates

  • The screen printers manufactured at Keller are developed at the in-house Design Engineering Office and by Keller’s expert designers.

  • We design and install electrical and automation solutions ourselves, thanks to which we control the production of every screen printing machine at every stage.

  • Keller also designs and installs electrical and automatic equipment solutions in its products.

  • A remote service access function available on Keller machines helps Keller automation engineers respond quickly to changing demands of customers.

  • Keller’s Manufacturing Plant in Dąbrówka near Poznań has all the tools and professionals to deliver just the pad printing solutions you need.

  • Transfer speed and application precision are the greatest advantages of Keller screen printers.

  • Our machines feature components of superior quality (made by Festo, Mitsubishi and Siemens).

  • The HMIs of our machines are very intuitive.

  • The screen printing solutions are fully customized to customer’s detailed specifications and special demands.

  • Our screen printers are manufactured for various industry sectors, including household appliance production, pharmaceutical and automotive.

Custom screen printing machines

Keller’s range includes multi-colour industrial screen printers with extreme precision of image application over very fast cycles. The flagship at this performance level is the ScreenMatic series with electric servo drives. This series of screen printers features pneumatic screen clamps. The screen alignment can be precisely set with electric adjustment drivers. Each machine in the series features an extremely rigid structure, hence high printing speeds do not reduce the image composition accuracy. The ScreenRoto series also boasts a high structural stability. This series features micrometric screen head alignment for incredibly precise setting of image application.

The ScreenRoto series machines are optionally available with electrostatic discharging and heated screens. Other options include extra-size printing surface for large workpieces. A visual control system with laser positioning of the screen greatly improve the operating convenience.

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