Hot stamping foils

A hot stamping foil is used to visually enhance print. The foil layer is transferred to the workpiece substrate by a die with the application of heat to produce the image pattern. Various hot stamping foils are used, and the choice depends on the workpiece material and the hot-stamped finish:

  • Metallic foils

  • Pigment foils

  • Pearl finish foils

The foil type depends on the finish and the workpiece to be enriched by hot stamping. A specific foil type is chosen for the workpiece material to be processed, such as:

  • Doors and frames (with woodlike finish)

  • Household appliance components

  • Automotive trim and finish details

Hot stamping decorative foil

Keller provides hot stamping foils for precision visual enhancement of workpieces. Our products are your best way for quality hot stamping. It is also the best choice for unique decoration enhancement of clothing textiles, furniture, or vehicle components. The hot-stamped foil gives a metallic gloss to the finished print to make it unique among competitive products. Hot-stamping foil is your key to get the Wow effect. The print finished by metallic foil hot stamping emulates gold or silver plating, although other effects are possible. Keller’s hot stamping foil is easy to apply. Keller can help you choose the right foil type for your printing projects. Contact us for more information.