TampoBASIC series of machines

In response to the customers’ expectations, we have developed a base product for pad printing at Keller: the TampoBASIC machine series.

Safety is a significant advantage of our machines. Moreover, thanks to its compact dimensions, the machine can fit perfectly into tight spaces.

TampoBASIC is also the right choice for those who look for the best quality at an affordable price.

The TampoBASIC family includes one- and two-colour automatic machines, with the possibility of adjusting the size and shape of the ink cup to the printing surface. Despite its small dimensions, the machine offers the possibility of installing a round ink cup with a diameter of 70, 100 and 120 mm, as well as an oval ink cup, thus enabling both large-sized and small-sized printing.

TampoBASIC - available machine variants

1-colour machines

2-colour machines

our realizations of TampoBASIC machines

TampoBASIC machines can be freely modified by us at the customer's request.
Each variant of the KELLER serial machine may be subject to design and construction changes in order to adapt them to the individual needs of the customer.

TampoBASIC machines, which have been structurally modified specifically for the client's needs, are called TampoEVO.

our realizations of TampoEVO machines

Examples of other special machines for pad printing, constructed on special orders of our clients, can be seen here:

Special pad printing - Keller (e-keller.pl)


TampoBASIC - specification flyer 2021