Hot printing / hot stamping dies

All Keller hot stamping dies are designed per custom order. A good selection of die material and form ensure a high quality of lithographic decorations. Keller designs, develops and fabricates dies, printing plates and printing machines with years of hands-on experience. What is more important is that Keller makes dies for the very machines it builds.

Brass and silicone hot stamping dies

Our standard subrange of hot stamping dies includes brass and silicone versions, flat or in custom shape, depending on the workpieces to be processed.

Design file preparation:

  • An acceptable design file cannot feature true type fonts. All text must be vectorized.

  • The image elements must be provided as objects without contours or open vectors.

  • The design file must present the contents in the scale of 1:1 and legible.

  • Supported design file formats: .cdr, .ai, .pdf, and CAD formats.

If you have trouble delivering an acceptable design file, Keller will be happy to help. Keller can make every reasonable effort to prepare your design files. Call or e-mail us for more information. We will clarify all doubts and work with you to make high-quality hot stamping dies that will guarantee precise printing. Contact us for more information.