UV drying tunnels

Features of UV drying tunnels manufactured in KELLER:

  • Depending on the version, they are adapted to flat details or details that require turning (e.g. bottles with printing around the entire circumference).
  • We use modern and proven UV lamp cooling systems.
  • Smooth power regulation.
  • Configuration of the UV tunnel for specific customer needs, including cooperation with the existing machine park.
  • Fully adjustable parameters: travel speed, time and power of the UV light, notification and warning system.

We will create a UV drying tunnel for your company

You can adapt the UV drying tunnel to the needs of your company. As a manufacturer of printing machines, we are able to personalize each device in accordance with the given parameters. We will also adapt the UV tunnels to the existing machinery park. We offer devices that allow for quick hardening of paint and varnish using ultraviolet waves.

Our machines are used by printing companies all over Poland. Contact KELLER specialists and order proven devices. We also invite our clients to training in the use of selected machines.