Automatic tablet feeding / sorting

KELLER is a company which is prospering well not only on the printing market, but also on the pharmaceutical one. In our offer you can find among others tablet lifts, which are significantly improving tablet feeding system, being helpful during the production process, tablet conveying and transport of various types of medicines.

Tablets lift offered by KELLER is a modern, automatic tablet feeding system, which helps in processing, production and transport of tablets, pills and capsules during the packing or printing process, e.g. in the time of moving to corresponding printing machines. The highest quality tablet elevator, which optimize operation, will make a contribution all along the whole process.

Moreover, our company also offers specialized machines dedicated to print on tablets, which are able to make a print pattern on the whole capsule – 360 degree range. It is worth mentioning that this technologically advanced polygraphic equipment for % efficiency needs other devices available in our store, such as tablet lift.

By choosing our products, you can be sure of a good purchase for years. Our machines guarantee highest quality and effectiveness of process. Both machines and all products such as tablet conveyor are durable and solid, so they can be a big support for the entire printing plant.

Using our tablet feeding system will bring many benefits, e.g. making tablet conveying easier. In addition, the tablet elevator offered by us has a much smaller operating range, making it a much more economical option. Tablet feeder is also a combination of experience developed over years, safety and precision standards, allowing pharmaceutical companies to achieve greater efficiency and optimize their operations. In addition, the tablets lift offered by us has interchangeable bowls of different capacity, thanks to which it simplifies and regulates the whole process of tablet transfer and allows for greater control over the tablet conveyor – it is very easy to mount and remove them. Each tablet elevator offered by us is available with electric or pneumatic drives, as well as wheels for easy operation and handling. An unquestionable advantage of the tablet lift is the ability to accurately transfer / transport repetitive and appropriate portion of tablets or granules.

It is worth noting that the tablet elevator available in our assortment has a large range of tablet transport, amounting to 4.7 m. All products offered by us, including tablet conveyor, work greatly in combination with liquid separator vacuums and foreign body removals.

The highest quality products offered by us, including the tablet lift or tablet feeder, will not only facilitate the conveying tablet, thus improving the tablet feeding system, but most importantly guarantee the absence of any health-related hazards that may occur during the transfer of tablets.

We encourage to get to know our wide offer and contact us. In case of any questions or doubts, call us or send a message.