We produce machines and consumables for industrial printing

KELLER is a polish family company with over 15 years of tradition in printing business. Our working area is mainly focused on screen printing, pad printing and hot stamping technologies. We create and provide comprehensive solutions for producers in cosmetics, packaging, pharmacy, household appliances, automotive or glass branches. Machines and consumables which you can find in our offer are designed and produced in KELLER company.

Each of our machines is individually consulted and adjusted to the needs of production and print specification.


Printing machines / Manufacturer of printing machines

Keller Poligrafia dla Przemysłu sp. z o.o. sp. k. is a family company with Polish equity. Keller’s core business is production of industrial printing machines for the automotive, cosmetic, household appliance and other sectors. Keller’s most popular solutions include screen printing, pad printing and hot stamping. Keller’s product range also includes solutions for automation of industrial manufacturing and machines for the pharmaceutical sector. Keller meets stringent quality standards, which has been highly acclaimed by global leaders in household appliances and the automotive sector. Keller’s printing machines are delivered with full assistance for the technology of customer’s choice until the printing process is launched for production at the customer, and complete with world-class consumables:

Screen printing: frames, screens, inks, squeegees, and full screen pre-printing.

Pad printing: silicone pads, printing plates, inks, ink boxes, and ink box rings.

Hot stamping: brass or silicone dies (flat or custom-shaped), rollers, and foils.

Keller is an authorised representative of globally acclaimed ink and consumable brands: SAATI, PROELL, SERICOM, AFFORD, and FROIDEVAUX.

Examples of Keller applications: printing on household appliance parts and control panels, printing on automotive components and parts (e.g. vehicle equipment, accessories, or brake pads), printing and visual improvement of cosmetic product packaging (made of plastic or glass), visual improvement of food product packaging (caps and closures), and printing on pharmaceutical pills, glazed tablets and drops.

Keller machines are built with parts and solutions from Mitsubishi, Siemens and Festo. Keller’s design engineers, automation engineers, electrical engineers, parts manufacturing experts and precision mechanic engineers are always here to help the customers. Each of Keller’s products is covered with end-to-end services: the ordered machines include the processing technology support, commissioning, user training, and lightning-fast technical assistance.

Keller’s Silicone Transfer Pad Laboratory can fabricate tailor-made pads to custom geometry and hardness specifications.

The tooling manufactured by Keller includes special workpiece fixtures for precise printing on irregular or complex substrates. Keller’s tooling kits are used in all printing and visual enhancement processes. Hence, you will buy a printing machine complete with comprehensive support of your process. Keller is a leading Polish manufacturer of printing machines who carries everything you need to deploy our technologies at your business.