Sorting tablets

KELLER is one of the best producers of high quality printing equipment on the Polish and European market, which is perfectly suited for use in various types of printing houses, but also institutions offering printing on capsules. Products offered by us, including pill lift, grader tablets and specialistic selector tablets will work perfectly also in pharmaceutical companies, e.g. during processes of raising tablets or sorting tablets. Thanks to our modern machine park, specialized staff and constant development of tools and standards, products offered by us including pill lift, grader tablets and selector tablets are highest quality, precise and durable, thanks to this they will facilitate and optimize the work of plant increasing its effectiveness.

Pill elevator is a modern, specialized machine most importantly with automatic tablet feeding for continuous feeding function, tablets, sorting tablets and transport of capsules for printers and packaging machines. Pill lift enables convenient and efficient transport and handling of tablets at a distance of 0.5 to 4.7 m. All products available in our store are modern and easy to use, easy roll on and closing, as well as transfer to tablets, enabling among others, wheels with a pill elevator.

Moreover, a tablet printing machine is also available in our store. This modern technology, enabling pharmaceutical companies to print on the entire tablet – has a large range of activities – 360 degrees – ideally suited to the combination of tablet feeding machine, which you will also find in our offer.

High quality product and precision

Our company specializes in the production of printing equipment, but also in the manufacture and supply of pharmaceutical companies in specialized machines throughout Poland and even Europe. The highest quality, extremely precise pill lift, grader tablets and selector tablets are the result of many years of experience and the collection of the entire know-how of the company.

Each product that was made by us, including the pill elevator and tablet feeding machine, allows continuous feeding, raising tablets, sorting tablets and transporting capsules to printers and packaging machines. Pill elevator, grader tablets and selector tablets can be configured according to the individual needs of the client, we can also tailor them to the needs of production lines, thus enabling even better results.

Pill lift is an extremely modern machine for automatic tablet feeding, with many advantages, such as:

  • pill elevator has a small operating range, making it a much more economical alternative to other products of this type,
  • the pill lift combines the know-how worked throughout the years and the latest standards, supported by international norms, as well as safety and precision, allowing pharmaceutical companies to achieve greater efficiency and optimize their activities,
  • selector tablets has interchangeable bowls of various capacities, enabling regulation of the process of transferring tablets, and allowing greater control over the equipment, giving the possibility for its easy assembly and disassembly, roll on and turning off
  • pill elevator is available with electric or pneumatic drives, as well as wheels for easy operation and handling,
  • the undeniable advantage of the pill lift is also the ability to accurately transfer / transport repetitive and appropriate portion of tablets or granules
  • in addition, the pill elevator has a large transport range of 4.7 m.
  • it is worth noting that all of the products we offer, including selector tablets and capsules lift, are perfectly suited to liquid separator vacuums and foreign body removals (chip magnets and rotating separators).

All products offered by us are not only the highest quality, but also care of the health of consumers. Thanks to the attention to detail and precision our machines, including the feeding machine tablet, guarantee that there are no hazards that could lead to deterioration of the physical condition of people working with them.

Check our wide offer of printing machines and pharmaceutical equipment and contact us for more information.