UV lamps

Ink curing UV lamps

UV lamps are a tested and proven way to cure printing inks and varnishes or drying writing ink and adhesives. Our UV curing systems are well suited for screen printing, pad printing and offset printing.

UV lamps are perfect for curing print on various substrates. Their applications include metallic, wooden and plastic substrates. They can be used to cure print on glass or ceramic substrates as well.

If you are unsure how the UV curing technology works or what solution to buy, contact Keller’s specialists. We will be more than happy to help and clarify your questions. You can also purchase our training sessions in Keller machine operation. Keller provides printing machines, UV tunnel dryers and UV lamps, all backed with end-to-end deployment and commissioning for use. Anyone can do business with us!

Keller UV lamp features:

  • Smooth power output control

  • Illumination control aperture

  • Fully customizable per actual processing conditions

  • UV lamp design customization and adaptation for pharmaceutical manufacturing

  • Rated power range from 2 to 32 kW

  • New UV lamp retrofits for legacy equipment

  • Full control over UV light exposure time and output, all monitored by an alert and warning system