KELLER award from Mitsubishi Electric

We are happy to share the information about the award granted to KELLER by Mitsubishi Electric Europe. We received the title of the Bronze Customer of 2020.
We would like to thank Mitsubishi Electric for fruitful cooperation, partnership in business and high-quality products, which, being part of the machines we build, have an impact on the satisfaction of our customers.


Presentation of fire extinguisher production line.

We are glad to present the latest and the largest, so far, Keller fire extinguisher production line with 3 screen printing stations.
We invite you to contact us and make an appointment for a presentation!
Tel. +48 662 801 818


Cooperation agreement

We are glad to inform that on 21.06.2021, a COOPERATION AGREEMENT was signed between Poznań University of Technology, Faculty of Engineering Management and Keller Polygraphy for Industry.

This agreement implies close cooperation, for instance improving teaching processes, organizing apprenticeships for students, consulting selected research projects or exchanging experience between management practitioners and researchers and students.

The agreement was signed for an indefinite period allowing for long-term cooperation and implementation of tasks accepted by the Business Council operating at Poznań University of Technology, Faculty of Engineering Management.


Training for Electrolux

On June 2021, Keller specialists conducted training at Electrolux on the use of screen printing in industry.
In the training took part Electrolux employees, who operate screen printing machines on a daily basis. The knowledge provided by Jakub Witczak and Krzysztof Porada from Keller will allow for maximum use of the potential of screen printing and optimization of processes within the company.
We encourage you to take part in training in screen printing, pad printing and hot stamping.



One of the interesting products offered by KELLER for the textile industry is the water-based adhesive for pallet, used in screenprinting on textiles – ULTRAFIX PT PLUS-G from SAATI.

This product accurately holds the material on the pallet (e.g. t-shirt or cotton bag) during printing, in order to maintain the perfect print quality and precision.

This adhesive is GOTS certified and safe to use.

Instruction for use: apply the thin layer with a roller directly on the pallet and leave to dry. The adhesive can also be applied spray-in.

Available capacities:  5 and 20 kg.

HS machine K-DESK PRECISION for printing on household appliances parts

We are glad to present the latest Keller hot stamping machine for printing on household appliances parts! Compact machine with servo driven printing head and precise foil tension system. Printing parameters are stored in recipes, making set up fast and easy. The one here is for home appliance industry, printing parts for washing machines.

Watch the video!

Triangular cooperation for the glass industry

In Krośnieńska Huta Szkła “KROSNO”, a producer of domestic glass, one of the world market leaders in the industry, representatives from KLIMAS, in cooperation with representatives from KELLER, installed a paint socket intended for applying water-based paints to glass packaging.

The device consists of a painting booth and a carousel with a painting application, for applying details.

The KELLER company has extensive experience in glass decoration, using screen printing, pad printing and hot stamping methods. We invite you to watch some of our examples of projects for the glass industry:

2 colour automatic pad printing machine from the TampoBASIC series

The latest series of pad printing machines designed and manufactured by KELLER!

One of the variants is the TampoBASIC DUO 100T:
– 2-colour machine
– equipped with safety curtains and safety guards
– extremely easy to use allows you to print precisely on any detail

Watch the video!