Pad printing ink boxes

Custom pad printing ink boxes

Keller provides pad printing ink boxes for proprietary pad printers and pad printing machines of other brands. We can design and customize any ink box to make your printing machines work stable, precisely and fast. Keller is a brand of tried and trusted pad printing ink boxes and essential ink box accessories, including superior quality pads and squeegees. Our silicone products range is based on tested rubber compounds that have been designed to best meet the demands and specifics of state of the art pad printing.

A pad printing ink box is designed to feed ink to a printing plate. It moves periodically over the engraved surface of the printing plate. The ink box part which touches the printing plate is an ink box ring the edges of which rake up excess ink from the etching. Hence, the volume of ink transferred to the silicone transfer pad depends on the etching depth of the printing plate. Keller can provide all possible types of pad printing ink boxes. All ink boxes are built on custom order, per specific customer’s project parameters.

Schematic diagram of design and operation of an ink box:

See an overview of Keller’s ink boxes below.