The ink applied to a workpiece during printing changes its physical properties in different ways and due to varying factors. To set and cure the ink on the substrate as required by the process specification, it needs to be exposed to IR (infrared radiation) or UV (ultraviolet radiation). Keller builds and deploys IR and UV curing systems for industrial applications. IR and UV curing systems are most often used in screen and pad printing; however, their application in offset printing is somewhat limited. Keller manufactures various ink drying equipment: UV tunnels and IR tunnels, screen printing oven dryers, printed workpiece ovens, and hybrid UV and IR dryers: the DUAL tunnels. Keller also makes UV lamps for industrial applications

Efficient UV and IR tunnel dryers

Keller builds its tunnel dryers from scratch and can adapt their performance characteristics to specific customer needs. This subrange of Keller equipment is designed to set and cure ink on workpieces that are turned during processing and on flat workpieces. The dryers can also be customized to fit the existing machine lines at customers’ plants.

Our screen printing UV tunnel dryers are easy to operate with precision adjustment of UV output, exposure time, and feed rate. Similar features are available in Keller’s IR tunnel dryers. The dryer conveyor features smooth speed adjustment. The machine enables simple control over exposure power output and heat curing time. The IR tunnel dryers also feature efficient thermal insulation and a temperature distribution system to keep the heat spread even and improve energy efficiency.

DUAL tunnel dryers are dedicated to large industrial plants. The versatility the combined IR and UV processes provide enables high production outputs. If you need more information about our equipment or customize our equipment to your specific needs, contact Keller’s specialists.