Emulsje i pozostała chemia do sitodruku

Screen printing chemicals

Keller carries screen processing and preprinting chemicals. The product range from SAATI distributed by Keller includes high-quality chemicals. See the product range technical data by clicking the link below.

Screen printing emulsions & chemicals

Keller sells high-quality emulsion products. Our emulsion formulas are designed for a variety of printing inks and machines. There is the Norikop 2 FP emulsion which resists solvent inks and UV radiation, or the Norikop 6 GT emulsion for water-borne inks and plastisol inks, among others. Keller’s screen printing chemicals is the best way for a fast screen coating and superior printing quality. Keller also supplies universal polymer emulsions for solvent inks, water-borne inks, and UV-sensitive inks. The emulsion subrange is, naturally, complemented by cleaners and emulsion removers.

Superior screen printing chemicals

Keller’s screen printing chemicals is a perfect match for Keller’s machines and inks. Order your chemicals from Keller for the best quality of products in your processes. If you are not sure which product is best suited for your application, call or e-mail Keller. Keller’s specialists will be happy to help.

Remove ER13 regenerative emulsion

Remove ER25 regenerative emulsion

GRAFIC HU VIOLET light-sensitive emulsion

TEXTIL HT light-sensitive emulsion

VITRUM HU VIOLET light-sensitive emulsion

Remove ER4 oxidizing emulsion paste

Remove ER1 oxidizing emulsion powder


Ultrafix SB5 Plus Blue adhesive

Remove HR3 smoke remover

ULTRAFIX SB1 THINNER adhesive thinner

Remove IR15DK ink remover

SCF-15 light-sensitive polymer coating

ULTRAFIX SB2 PLUS CATALYST adhesive hardener

Saatitex HT1 water-borne polymer emulsions