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Pad printing inks & chemicals



Pad printing is a fast and precise method of transferring images to various substrates. However, once transferred, the print needs to be durable and stay so for long. This is why you need quality printing machines with quality printing consumables. Keller’s product range includes pad printing inks to make products that look great and last long. Keller provides high hiding power inks for plastic substrates. Pad printing is most often used for polymer materials. Keller’s products are ideal for easily processable substrates, and this product subrange also includes ink solutions for difficult materials, e.g. PBT or non-activated PP and PE.

Pad printing inks for glass and metals

Keller’s subrange of pad printing inks includes products for printing on glass and metal, which are very difficult to process. Keller also carries printing inks for textiles, rubbers, and silicone Order your printing inks from Keller to captivate your customers with superior quality of print.
Keller builds its own printing machines and it is more than capable to help you choose the chemicals best for your daily manufacturing processes. Contact us for more information.

Pad printing ink colour table

Pad printing high hiding power opaque ink colour table

Pad printing ink application guide