I’m Robert, the Head of Printing Ink Preparation Department. My role at Keller is everything about printing inks: I manage the ink and component warehouse, identify recipes and colours, and care for the shortest lead times on purchase orders. I am happy to help you anyway I can. Call me at +48 882 496 104

Keller specifically recommends ink products from PROELL and SERICOM, very reputable brands which are highly valued by screen printing professionals. Keller deploys printing solutions for industrial applications with ink quality and reliability as the highest priority. Keller also helps choose the right ink for the substrates processed, and every customer can count on professional support.

Keller’s product range includes high-quality inks for printing on various products and substrates. Keller carries screen printing inks, hot stamping pigments and mirror inks, as well as printing inks for textiles (including vehicle tarps), glass, or pens. Keller distributes products from highly acclaimed printing sector brands. Keller is your source of screen printing inks used by industrial manufacturers in Poland and around the world.

Examples of screen printing ink applications:

  • household appliance control panels
  • automotive equipment components
  • fire extinguishers
  • glass and plastic containers

See more examples in our sector-specific categories on the Home page.

Sericom and Proell screen printing inks

Keller recommends inks for Sericom, a perfect choice for our screen and pad printers. Sericom is an Italian brand established in 1982. Sericom offers products highly acclaimed for their price to quality ratios. Sericom continuously improves and adjusts its ink range to the latest developments in printing processes. Proell is another ink brand of choice of Keller’s customers. The name Pröll has been synonymous with high technology and superior quality since 1938. PROELL is a global leader in screen printing inks. Here the product range includes solvent inks, water-borne inks and UV-sensitive inks. See the detailed product range of the inks by clicking the link below.

Sericom and Proell screen printing inks

Keller is a proud authorized distributor of Afford brand screen printing inks. Afford products are a perfect choice for printing on PVC, SAN, ABS, PE, and many other plastics. Afford inks provide superior chemical resistance. These products are perfect for printing for indoor and outdoor use.