K-DESK 170i-table

(with rotary table)


  • electric press with a pressure of 1700 kg,
  • servo-electric film rewinding with film level sensor,
  • hotplate size 335 x 165 [mm],
  • film guiding - quick-change expanding shafts as standard.

FILM GUIDING - the film can be guided by two methods on the machine (both options available on the machine after setup).

A. FIXED FILM GUIDING - a fixed position independent of the head movement (choice of film guiding type - depending on the workpiece shape).

B. MOVABLE FIXED FILM GUIDING - position dependent on head movement (selection of film guiding type - depending on workpiece shape).

TABLE WITH TABLE TOP- table top size 620 [mm]


EXPANDING ROLLERS - allow the HS film to be changed quickly without the need for tools. Pressing the button releases the film roll. Press again to secure the next roll of film. The expanding rollers are driven by servo motors.

SIDE GUARDS WITH SLIDING DOORS - the opening side guards allow an easy change of film and facilitate the changeover of the machine without increasing the machine width when opened.

TECHNOLOGICAL LOCKER - on either side (2 lockers). Provided with pull-out tool board. For storage of tools, matrices, HS films.

MATRIX & HANDLE - matrix adjustment front to back, left to right and angle adjustment. Plus tilt adjustment across the entire matrix. Quick changeover matrix with an isolated handle to reduce the risk of burns.


  • Control with MITSUBISHI recipe memory,
  • HMI 10" WEINTEK touch panel,
  • SICK/OMRON safety light curtains,
  • MITSUBISHI servo drives (head pressure, film unwinding/ rewinding),
  • SICK/WIELAND safety relay,
  • Polycarbonate safety cabinet,
  • HS film level sensor,
  • FESTO/SMC/AIRTAC pneumatics,
  • HIWIN linear guides / carriages,
  • SICK/WIELAND safety switches,
  • FESTO work table actuator (pneumatic extension table with T-top included in the price),
  • Steel welded, powder-coated structure,
  • Matrix adjustment front to back, left to right and angle adjustment,
  • Plus tilt adjustment across the entire matrix,
  • Power supply 400V, air pressure 6 bar,
  • CE, user manual.


  • machine dimensions: 1140 (1492 when the lockers are opened) x 2234 x 2131 [mm]
  • maximum workpiece dimensions: 335 x 165 x 100 [mm]

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for precise and controlled separation of film from the workpiece. The use of the knife with adjustable trajectory allows to minimise film consumption while ensuring its correct tension and to work with workpieces of complex geometry.

is used to neutralise excess static electricity before the decoration process.

MOMENTARY MODE - designed for details for which the technology requires a specific load during printing. The printhead moves towards the detail, after contact with it exerts a certain pressure and returns to the waiting position.

SIEMENS control and components.