The Founding Grandfather. Did he really exist?


Sure he did! There’s firm evidence of his existence in testimonies from eye witnesses and historical photos. Keller was established in 1996, when the Founding Grandfather began fabricating printing transfer pads and selling printing machines built in the Far Eastern countries.

Keller soon enjoyed...


...a growing number of satisfied customers who quickly appreciated the professional skills and reliability of service of the Founding Grandfather. Not more than once did a “Chinese printing contraption” require ASAP services of an experienced technician, who was hired by Keller already in 1997. Keller began growing at a dynamic pace and hiring more printing process experts at the Printing Pad Department.

A new Department: Printing Ink Mixing


Given the booming sales of printing machines, Keller soon had to provide its customers with printing consumables, especially ink. This is how the Printing Ink Mixing Laboratory has been established. The component mixing process was supervised with something almost straight out of Star Trek in those days: a PC workstation with a reference spectrophotometer unit.

Plate & Die Preparation Department


“Aw, I should have had it ages ago!”, the Founding Grandfather shouted out. What he meant is Keller’s beautiful and spacious screen printing and pad printing preparation department, filled with the latest equipment in the industry. Now Keller could make on its own everything it needed to deliver all its screen and pad printing machines in complete packages with printing pads and plates, screens, and inks.

New Machining Floor


The production, warehouse and display floors soon were dwarfed by the demand of Keller’s growth, and the plans of the Founding Grandfather and his Heir. Keller leased a new machining floor in Przeźmierowo near Poznań, Poland.

Still growing: a new site


Satisfied customers grew in numbers. Keller’s potential won the trust of not one but four global corporations. The designs and blueprints for more screen printers, pad printers and hot stamping machines, along with printing line automation, were Piotr’s brainchild converted into a digital format on his PC. The fitters and assemblers hired at Keller built the products to his specifications in a new, larger manufacturing building in Skórzewo near Poznań.

Keller distributes for Proell


In 2010, Proell chose Keller as their authorized distributor of products. The inks from Proell of Germany are highly valued around the world. Hence, our Printing Ink Mixing Department won a major supplier.

Parts production department


Keller has its own parts manufacturing department.

Automation and electrical department


Keller has its own automation and electrical department.

Keller starts selling Sericom inks


Keller starts selling SERICOM products. Professional graphic inks of the Italian manufacturer SERICOM are appreciated all over the world.

Keller begins cooperation with the medical and pharmaceutical industry


Keller begins cooperation with the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Keller launches new departments: R&D and Marketing.

Sales are increasing by more than 30% year on year!


The period from 2016 to 2019 is a time of intensive sales development. Sales at Keller are increasing by more than 30% year-on-year.

Start of investment in a new production hall


Our new headquarters


Despite the difficulties associated with the global coronavirus pandemic, the work on the new headquarters is completed and on October 19, 2020, move to a new larger and more convenient headquarters in Dąbrówka near Poznań.