KELLER workshops during Global Entrepreneurship Week

Due to the World Entrepreneurship Week, we had a great pleasure to visit the Lelewel Technical School in Poznań and run workshops entitled “Screen printing in industry”.
We shared our knowledge related to industrial printing techniques and their application in business with groups of students educating themselves in the direction of Graphic Arts and Digital Printing and Printers. We would like to thank the School Board for the invitation and we appreciate the opportunity to take part in the event supporting the education of young people in the field of printing.

Automatic pad printing machine cooperating with injection molding machine

We are pleased to invite you to the presentation of the KELLER automatic pad printing machine on 19-23.11. The machine is adapted to work with injection molding machine and prints on flat household appliance elements. To see the machine working at our production plant in Skorzewo, Poland, please contact us directly.

Print on household appliances with KELLER machine

Watch a movie showing the work of one of our latest screen printing machines on household appliances, which left our company last week to print at the customer’s plant. Screen printing is a universal printing method that allows to obtain high quality and durable printing on a variety of surfaces, which is important for products of this type that are exposed to external factors such as alcohol or detergents. We specialize in the production of machines and materials for industrial printing processes for screen printing, pad printing and hot stamping technologies. 

Industrial printing machines Mitsubishi NEWS

In the latest issue of Mitsubishi Electric NEWS you can read our article about industrial printing machines. Why is screen printing technology one of the most important printing technologies? How do screen printing machines work? Why one of the largest polish cosmetics companies decided to implement them at their production plant? This and more in the article.

Przemysłowe maszyny drukujące – wdrożenie maszyny KELLER poligrafia dla przemysłu w firmie Bell

Printing on advertising items with KELLER machine

We present printing with pad printing technology on advertising items. The printing is carried out with a machine for precise pad printing made by KELLER which left to print at the customer’s plant last week. Pad printing technology used in this project is an ideal solution due to the variety of specificity of the printed product in terms of shape and irregular surface.