The Tablift is a machine from Keller for continuous feeding and handling of pharmaceutical pills, coated tablets and granules to downstream processing equipment, including printers and packers. Handling and lifting distance: 0.5 to 4.7 m

Applications: pharmaceutical and food processing sectors.

Printing on pills, coated tablets and drops (lozenges)

Aside from the Tablift, Keller also provides unique printing machines dedicated for the pharmaceutical sector. Keller’s printers guarantee precise application of print on pills, coated tablets and drops (lozenges). Keller’s machines are designed for high-performance rotary (all-round) printing. A Keller printer can apply images around a cylindrical shape (in 360-degrees printing). Keller’s pharmaceutical printers provide extreme process stability and precision of rendering on workpieces at very high production speeds.

Precision printers for the pharmaceutical sector

Keller’s long-standing specialisation are pharmaceutical printing machines and equipment which have been operated in the whole Poland. Keller simply has the know-how to perfectly customize the solutions it offers. When you buy a machine from Keller, you can configure its model: simply provide the required specifications and we will return an offer customized per your processing demands. Keller will also make the ordered machines match your processing lines perfectly and in all aspects. Consult Keller’s specialists for details.

Maszyna tablift


  • Very small operating footprint when compared to belt conveyor systems
  • Safe, precise and perfectly timed interfacing with upstream and downstream processing modules
  • Interchangeable handling bowls (various capacities in offer)
  • Maintenance and control superior to belt conveyors, with easy disassembly and reassembly
  • Available with electric or pneumatic drives
  • Short product mix changeover times
  • Easy Tablift handling on castors
  • Precise repeatability of tablet/granule batching

Maszyny montażowe do farmacji         Podajnik do tabletek


  • Compatible with vacuum dust separators and foreign object separators (chip magnets and rotating separators)
  • High speed performance
  • Vibration dust separator system
  • Defective pill/tablet sorting and rejection system