Print on household appliances with KELLER machine

Watch a movie showing the work of one of our latest screen printing machines on household appliances, which left our company last week to print at the customer’s plant. Screen printing is a universal printing method that allows to obtain high quality and durable printing on a variety of surfaces, which is important for products of this type that are exposed to external factors such as alcohol or detergents. We specialize in the production of machines and materials for industrial printing processes for screen printing, pad printing and hot stamping technologies. 

Industrial printing machines Mitsubishi NEWS

In the latest issue of Mitsubishi Electric NEWS you can read our article about industrial printing machines. Why is screen printing technology one of the most important printing technologies? How do screen printing machines work? Why one of the largest polish cosmetics companies decided to implement them at their production plant? This and more in the article.

Przemysłowe maszyny drukujące – wdrożenie maszyny KELLER poligrafia dla przemysłu w firmie Bell

Printing on advertising items with KELLER machine

We present printing with pad printing technology on advertising items. The printing is carried out with a machine for precise pad printing made by KELLER which left to print at the customer’s plant last week. Pad printing technology used in this project is an ideal solution due to the variety of specificity of the printed product in terms of shape and irregular surface.

Cooperation with Poznań printing school

We are pleased to announce that we are starting cooperation with Lelewel printing and administration vocational school basen in Poznan, Poland. We will support the school with industrial printing and give our knowledge and passion for printing to students. The school runs professional classes that prepare students for such professions as technician of printing processes or graphics and industrial printing. Soon we will have the opportunity to conduct the first workshop at the school, in which we will introduce students to the practical aspects of screen printing, pad printing and hot stamping.


KELLER screen printing machine presentation

Between 22.10-2.11 of this year we are pleased to invite to KELLER company in Skórzewo for the presentation of a screen printing machine for household appliances (washing machines, dryers, dishwasher panels, control panels etc.). Contact us to make an arrangement on +48 882 817 834 or +48 784 658 841.

Pad printing on water meter discs by KELLER machine

The film presents the printing process of a precise KELLER pad printing machine made on water meter discs. The machine has the ability to print 3 colors, the movement of printing pads is carried out by servodrives. The machine also has a vision quality control system that allows the automatic rejection of incorrectly printed details during unloading. The solutions in the machine have been selected to ensure the best quality and performance. Each machine built by KELLER has the function of customized adjusting to the printed product. The printing pads that were used in the machine are also made by KELLER. 



3 colour KELLER pad printing machine left to the Netherlands

This week 3 colour KELLER pad printing machine left to the Netherlands. Currently, it is being installed at client’s plant by our engineers and specialized implementation training is also carried out to improve the machine operation process by operators. It will print a large scale of pens of various shapes and colours. The machine has 3 printing stations with possibility to change over to different shapes, positioning the to appropriate angle of printing, quality vision control system and automation of loading and unloading process.

Screen printing machines KELLER working in Bell cosmetics company

Every woman wants to be beautiful, regardless of age and situation ... And we know how to help them! The film presents the work of KELLER screen printing machines for the industry at the Bell production plant, the Polish leader in cosmetics production. With the help of screen printing machines in BELL, prints on cosmetics packaging hit the market. Screen printing ensures universality and durability of printing, thanks to which the packaging that go to customers is of the highest quality. The machines have been additionally equipped with Mitsubishi controllers that ensure the best work efficiency. All this to provide the highest quality product, because every woman is important to us!

Printing on glass bottles by KELLER machine

During the first days of August in KELLER poligrafia dla przemysłu were held printing tests on big cylindrical glass bottles. Personalized label was prepared by our graphic designer and put on screen pattern. Print was made with screen printing technology by 3 colour screen printing KELLER machine. The machine is adjusted to heavy, cylindrical products and the advantage is that there is easy change over possibility to print on different cylindrical items, e.g. fire extinguishers. Additional functions included are e.g. flame treatment or UV curing.




KELLER in recent issue of Świat Przemysłu Kosmetycznego

In the newest edition of Świat Przemysłu Kosmetycznego – polish magazine concerning cosmetics branch, you can find our article “Packaging – machines which will gain an advantage for you”. In article you can read about characteristics of polish cosmetics market in context of printing on packaging, also about screen printing, pad printing and hot stamping machines, which of them will bring best results during packaging printing process.